Last Kiss

Blackened bruise sits on her cheek
Reminder of the night before
She never got her beauty sleep
Awoken when she heard the door.
Around nearly half past two
So early in the morn
The footsteps on the stairs that led
Of danger they did warn.
Into her room he boldly strode
And drunkenly he swayed
She bravely stood to take him in
A heavy price she paid.
He knocked her flying to the floor
She couldn’t raise her head
He left her lying while he cursed
She quietly played dead.
Now in the morning’s brand new light
She puts her make-up on
And tries to hide the night before
Her bravery all gone.
Silent tears She cries inside
She knows that She must leave
She’s planned her exit several times
Her tangled web to weave.
He’s sprawled out on the bed upstairs
She leaves him where he is
And walking out the door that day
She blows him one last kiss.