Alone After Dark

Alone, after dark, I feel
I sense the silence creep
Shadows dancing like dust motes
Born across the street.
Behind the curtain drawn
A street-light flickers on
A siren heard from distant towns
As I lay my head upon
A pillow soft, yet hard enough
To support my weary ears
A cover pulled up over me
Something grins and leers…
‘Hello’ It softly whispers
From the corner opposite
‘I’ve come to give you dreams my love,
Horrors, not a whit
Of pleasantries for you tonight
No, Sand-Man I am not,
But ‘Terror of the Dark’ for you
And terrors I have got’.
Afraid I trembled, Slowly crept
To the curtains bound,
Opening them fully
I let the light shine down,
And disappeared my cursed friend
No friend of mine, he was
Gone to seek another house
He won’t return because
Now a light will I keep on,
He only needs the dark
So I can sleep most soundly
And wake up with the lark.